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Navbar links are not clicked

I have a problem with navbar
I made a navbar yesterday and everything was fine, clicking on the image on the left went to the home page, and clicking on the links I went to the appropriate pages. Today, before starting work, I slightly moved all buttons to add one more. Later I worked on other pages.

And now like this:

links are no longer clickable, even if I hover with the mouse, nothing happens. When I am on the picture on the left, it catches the link only when I hit the edge. Moreover, the entire navbar is somehow strangely longer.

And now yes, I can do two things:

  1. go back to the beginning of the day - but I don’t want to waste a few hours of work
  2. remove the navbar and redo it - but I’d rather find out what might have happened here
    Screenshot - aee5dff51a62bf4d0e38af8b39108f44 - Gyazo
    thank you in advance for your help

Most likely you have a group or element over the text links. Check to make sure there’s nothing in front of them that’s blocking you from clicking. Most likely that’s the issue.

Learn no code →

You’re right, I created a container group, and in it a group with buttons. The group with buttons “flew out” from the container, which made it visible, but not clickable, because the cointerner was covered :slight_smile: