Navigate based on databse

Hey. I’m working on an app for car garages to check vehicles in and store the information.

The customer will input their vehicle details and be prompted to input their details.

When the vehicle registration doesn’t exist in the database (new customer) it navigates to a sign up page. However, when the registration already exists (existing customer) I would like to navigate to a ‘welcome back’ page.

I’m struggling with the conditional navigation. Any help would be really appreciated!

Hi there, @chris26… assuming you have an input where the customer can enter a unique identifier for their vehicle (in my example, I just called it input | vehicle registration) and a button the customer can click after they have entered a value into the input, then two workflow events tied to the button click should do the trick. The event that would navigate to the welcome page would look like this.

The second workflow event is the same except the count is 0 and the workflow action navigates to the sign up page. Oh, and you would have to make sure your privacy rules allow for the vehicle search to work properly.

Anyway, I hope that makes sense, and I hope it helps.