Navigation Base Plugin - Watch This Space!

Navigation Base Plugin - Bonus 2 Mode Compass (Device & GPS).

This is the Base that forms the platform for the expansions we are releasing, all aimed at Live Navigation & Routing.

The base plugin includes:

  • Detect if Geolocation Services are On/Off.
  • Lat & Lng.
  • GPS Accuracy.
  • Altitude.
  • Speed (Km/h & Mph).
  • Step Time.
  • Step Distance.
  • Step Count.
  • Total Distance.
  • Total Time.
  • GPS Heading.
  • Heading Characters (N,NW,S…).

Include Device Compass with device detection so you can revert to GPS compass if no actual compass is present.

Here is a live navigation system I have built using the full set of tools, on bubble! check out the gif image below, who knew bubble could display a live map with active tracking, render overlays and markers using a bunch of different map providers, show speedometer gauges, play voice guidance, sort a route with hundreds of way points in many different ways, provide data on each street as you drive for speed alerts that trigger the speedometer and voice alerts, display a compass, perform other special little tasks that will be released soon :wink: AND still be this responsive (gif screwed the colors unfortunately):

nav2 Nav5