Navigation header - drag and drop!

Drag it, drop it, and smile :slight_smile: Responsiveness is built in!

Looking for some Bubblers to test it.


Watched the whole thing, stellar job @eli! :slight_smile:

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Kudos @eli - really impressive job to create an plugin into a header element (I imagine a lot of CSS wizardry behind the scenes). Creating something like this from scratch every-time can be a time consuming and cumbersome job. Plus having the ability to change the settings on the fly is a real time saver.

Happy to partake in any testing needed :+1:


Thanks, Brandon!

Thanks @luke! Yep, a fairly simple task in a typical website but it gets complicated when most of the CSS has to be applied dynamically.

Send me an app id and I’ll authorize it for your app. Thanks for testing :slight_smile:

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