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Navigation Question

Quick question. If I want to allow someone to navigate to a starting page for a project from any other page that is under that project how would I do that. I set an icon up “home” but because the type between the pages is different it won’t work.

How do I set up an icon so it can return to a page even though the type is different?

You can use a link, and then make that link display an icon. Use this option

I think I must have not asked the question correctly. If a user has three projects and each project has a large number of pages specific to that project, which are different types. Each project has a project start page. What I am trying to do is set up an icon that takes you back to the specific project landing page regardless of where you are in the project site.

I am able to currently link to the landing page, but it does not remember which of the three project landing pages to go to. so it is just a blank.

You should have the project main page (don’t think it should be the landing page) have the type of content ‘project’, and then the link sends the current page’s project to the landing page. Are you familiar with sending data to pages?

Yeah I am getting better at it. If I am on a page of a different type then project “ex: objectives” how can I set up the link to go to a page with the type of project?

“type of project being specific to those objectives” is how I meant to finish that previous thought.

Then you should have more than one page with different types, and have links point to different pages.

Ok I guess I thought that there was a way to create a home button of sorts that would take one back to the beginning of a project, So you would almost have to create several copies of each page each with a different type for this interlinking system to work.

This is fine as long as you have a hierarchy of pages.

So Project Objectives. Or, to put it the other way round, and Objective only has 1 project.

On you Objective you could have a field “Parent Project” of type “Project”.

If you are on an Objective page, then you can just have Icon that does a Redirect to the Project Page. This will send the data … Current Page’s Objective’s Parent Project.

By storing the “parent” on the child thing you can always get back to the next level up (and so on) by simply using the “apostrophe language”.

If an Objective can be part of many Projects, then you either need some sort of linking thing, or store the “Current Project” on the User and send that.

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This might be the solution. I will test it and see how it works!! Thanks.

Awesome. That was a great explanation. It worked right away. Even though it might be simple in hindsight it still feels good to make progress!

As you can see above I am getting the linkage right, however when I click the link back to the original project, the project landing page does not show the project I was currently working on, rather it goes back to the default. Am I missing a step?

What if you go another level down below objective and want to return to the same parent? Would it then be current page’s subobjectives parent objectives parent project?

Or if an objective has ideas. If you want to return to the main project without backtracking through the subobjective-objective-project would you just use current page’s ideas parent subobjectives parent objectives parent project?

I meant if the subobjective has ideas…

Yes, just send whatever you need to the page you are going to.

That way you can go “back” up levels without having to remember where you are.

Yeah I tried that but it does not seem that the data is actually flowing back to the project launch screen. Hmmm.

Can you build this in the forum app ? Or make you App public ? It might be easier to help that way.

I have made the app public. I will lay out the exact two issues I am struggling with.

  1. I have a home button at the bottom of each page. Once logged in and in a project this home button should take you back to the page “Luffy Framework” along with the project data. I know this is successful when the project name box shows up with the name of the current project. As an example the home button works for the page “objective” when you go in with a project. However if you click on the objective it takes you to an objective description page. At this page if you click the home button it takes you to the Luffy Framework page, but without the project. There is no project name and if you click objectives again it is blank. Hope that you can see this and it makes sense to you. So I need to figure this out.

  2. The second issue is with the “Tactic Overview” page. The repeating box there should display information from the page “current factor description” in the Current Cells tactics name. In addition the repeating box should contain the current cells tactics name information from the page “planning factor description”. So these two lists should be combined into one long list on the “Tactic Overview” page. I am not able to do this. They are not displaying so I feel I am setting up the wrong source, or worse yet set up the database incorrectly.

Any help that will get me over these two hurdles would be greatly appreciated. I do not promise there won’t be more, after all I am a project manager building project management applications so there will always be more:)

Ok, so on …

  1. The issue you have is that your Objectives don’t have the Parent Project set. So on the Objectives Page, when you create the Objective, you need to set the Parent to the Project. You are updating the Project fine, you need to set the Parent on Objective.

  2. Same with Tactics. You need to add the parent(s) in when you create it.

Awesome so it was the same problem for both. Can you give me an example of how to set or add the parent when I create it. I think I understand but just want to be sure.

I am just a bit unclear about how to do this [quote=“NigelG, post:19, topic:1259”]
You need to add the parent(s) in when you create it.

I can’t thank you enough for the help. Some of these things seem so simple yet the execution gets me.