Navigation Refuses to Trigger at the end of the Workflow

We implemented an integration between our OpenID SSO and Bubble. We’re trying to improve the integration now to allow redirect after login is complete.

The login works well, once the token is received and the very last step of the workflow is to send the user to the URL they initially wanted to visit.

However, no matter what, Bubble is not triggering this workflow action and we stay on the SSO handler page after signing in is complete.

I tried feeding a static URL to the worklow to make sure it wasn’t an issue with the URL data. But even then it won’t move.

Backend workflow logs are not showing anything, as if the last step was completely ignored. No error returned:

We cannot run this in debug mode because of the URL arguements that contain the code to fetch the token and Bubble won’t allow having debug mode with an argument in URL.

So what’s going on? How can I troubleshoot? Why won’t Bubble redirect?

I have worked around the issue by triggering the navigation action in a “when current user logged in” event which effectively resolves my problem, but I would still like to understand why Bubble won’t do it at the end of the workflow as initially intended.

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