Necessary delays in workflow for loading?

I have this workflow, and these pauses, which are quite lengthy (2 seconds each) are needed on slower connections to insure that the files are loaded or the workflow ends up playing the previously loaded audiofile.

I would much rather play after I’m sure its loaded.

But how can I detect if its all the way loaded and ready to play?

(I’ve had similar problem with map not being ready before I push pins to it via workflow, and it showed previous pins)

I don’t think the logic is bad because with the delays it works FINE. And when I’m on wifi the delays can be shorter.

This is obviously not the right way to do this would love a suggestion!

set a conditional workflow that says “when this is true do this”

Conditionals in workflows are great for things like this…

For example…page is loaded with audio file 1…user loads audio file 2

Conditional workflow says “when state audio_file_to_play is different from state_audio_file_1” action is then your step 6 “play howlerplayer”

So you need a second custom state, which is audio_file_1…you load that on page load so you know what the first audio file is…the second custom state is what you already have it seems.

Then when the user loads a new audio file, you have workflow for setting both custom states…

My explanation isn’t exactly how it would be set up to work properly, but the logic and idea is correct ( at least in my mind )…just play around with the idea of how to set it up using two custom states both for audio files, and a conditional workflow that is something like custom state 1 is not custom state 2 then play audio file custom state 2

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I think I understand you but isn’t that predicated on detecting if the file done being fully loaded? I don’t see that there’s a way to detect that the file is fully loaded since it doesn’t seem to wait after you set the file to be played, it seems to load it in the background while the workflow continues to run ahead.

How do i actually detect if the audio file is loaded?

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I think by saving it to the database…if the user is loading the file by uploading it

If it is already stored in the database and the user is simply selecting it from a list of choices I think it won’t show up as the custom state until it is loaded from the database ( ie: retrieved ).

How are you “loading” the audio file?

I’m using Howler. You load it by feeding it a URL for your audiofile.

Basically you just say ‘play’. It seems to play the previous file if the current one isn’t done loading. It actually does the loading itself, so this is kind of weird.

If I put a 10ms delay before setting at Step 3, the State set is for the previous item in RepeatingGroup, not Current Item. If I set a 1000 ms delay, it works just fine.

And now it works without the delays and the custom states, etc. And I think it has something to do with exactly what group the howler plugin was placed in.

I suspect there’s some sort of propagation delay between groups/states I don’t have visibility to.

Thanks for your help, folks.

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Howler Pro plugin has ability to tell bubble that its fully loaded which basically provides the information required.

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