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Infinity Productions Network

Infinity Productions is the best company you we’ll encounter since 2017 with are reliable CAD/MDT,Logo’s, Discord Bots, Game Hosting, Web Hosting, Game Hosting and more

Why Choose Infinity Productions?
The reason why many people choose Infinity Productions is because we have been open for more then 2 Years and we treat each individual like family and help each other out.

Free Promotion
Inside of Infinity Productions we have a new program we’re we are allowing people to advertise inside of specific category’s we have made inside of are discord JOIN TODAY AND ADVERTISE!!

Why Does Infinity Productions Give The Best Price?
The story behind Infinity Productions on giving the best price for everyone is because at one point Me/Founder was inside of people shoes that couldn’t afford to purchase a $300 Product on a digital item and every since that day I have put my word on that I won’t make it not affordable for other’s because I knew what it was like to not have money to purchase those things.

Why is it called Infinity Productions Network
The meaning behind the company is that ever since the Founder was 7 Years old I have been doing Video Productions and editing video’s and loving doing it and ever since that age I loved editing video and producing them to the public to view my art work the meaning behind the Infinity is that I have always told my mom and other’s that I we’ll be the most known entrepreneur in the world.

Video Productions

I have been doing video Productions for almost 10 Years and I have always loved it if you would like to check out some example check at the bottom of this tab
Price List
FiveM Promotion/Trailer

→Simple Pack #1: Car Showcase: Produced/Edited $10
→Simple Pack #2: EUP Showcase 5$
→FiveM Promotion #1: Produced/Edited/Render $15 | 5 minutes
→FiveM Promotion #2: Produced/Edited/Render $35 | 10 Minutes
:link: Example:

Graphic Designer

Infinity Productions has one of the best Graphic Designer for the best price
Price List
→Logo’s : N/A
Thumbnail: N/A


We our the cheapest CAD/MDT company since 2017 with our reliable cad/mdt and also our support team.
Price List
→Frontend: First Price
→Backend: +$5

→Infinity Elite: $5.99
→DOJ Edition: $5.99
→Shockwave Edition: $3.99
→Tandem2 Edition: $3.99
→Infinity Pro Edition: $3.99
→Lava Edition: $1.99
→Windows 7 Edition: $2.99

Discord Bots

We have some of the cheapest and reliable Discord bots on the market check out some of our prices down below
Price List
→Ticket Bot: $1.99
Ticket Listing
Simple Setup
Anti Mass Spam
Commands List
Helper Guide

→Multi Bot: $4.99
Moderation Commands
Fun Commands
Ticket Commands
Helper Guide

Contact Information

:iphone: Call: 402-261-7239
:email: Email: [email protected]