Need a brilliant, out-of-the-box thinker who rocks Bubble (and beyond)

Hey y’all.

Looking for a brilliant, unique thinker/problem solver… who’s not an ego :slight_smile:

While I’ve worked with developers for years no (I’m a partner in an online personal development publishing company), I am in new territory with Bubble.

But, more importantly, the things I want to do are not out of the box solutions.

This Bubble project is an MVP for a cross-project platform. This version, called Becoming The Sound, is an experimental practice tool for musicians, using content from well-known bands and artists.

So, beyond the basic setup of any app, the first core feature needed is a double random object generator:

  1. a page that randomizes two objects (text, audio, or video). We did a version that was text in one and audio in the other (Bubble | No-code apps is as far as we’ve gotten)

  2. The big one: if a user likes a random combo, they can save the combo. Basically it’s creating a practice “playlist” built off of two random objects

  3. Connecting it to the Figma design

  4. Getting all that core app shit put together (user registration, etc. etc.)

I was eyeing some Zeroqode’s templates to build off of, but unless you’ve got a different opinion, it seemed optimal to build from scratch.

About me:

I’m a crazy artist at heart who happened to be good at online marketing and business. I sell “how to” coures done by some big wigs in the personal development industry… I hate it. But it’s taught me a lot that I’m using for this first iteration:Becoming The Sound.

I’m actually an experimental musician by passion. An improviser. Which will tell you something about how I work. Luckly, I’ve got people on my team who are organized project managers.

We’re small. This is bootstrapped. And it’s a passion project… BUT, we’ve got a pretty decent sized artist lined up to put their content on this MVP. So there will be eyeballs as soon as it’s ready.

I looooove solving problems… and looooooove working with people who are smarter than me. I got no ego. But I do have trust issues (sort of). Really, that just means I like particulars worked out so we can relax and focus on the good stuff. I’ll stay out of your way, but I’m also a good one to work with.

About you:

Please be detail oriented. I have a dev working on the other side of my business that’s sloppy as hell and it drives me crazy. I’m loyal, so he’s been with us for years. But dam, it drives me crazy.

Please be a flexible thinker. Problem solving is a must. But creative problem solving is soooooo nice to work with.

Please be good at researching what you don’t know. I have zero need to work with an encyclopedia. Everything I ever learned came from a need. So I don’t need perfection. But I’ve worked with folks who are uncomfortable acknowledging they don’t know something. Not necessary.

Please follow through. If you say you’re gonna do it in X days, do it in X days.

And yes, please be trustworthy. I go for longterm relationships and I treat the people I hire with respect and humanity. I like that returned.

A sense of humor is a plus.

If you have questions or are interested, shoot me a message.

Thanks y’all. Much obliged.


Hey, are you still looking for this person? I build an app that created a random joke using :stuck_out_tongue: Does that qualify me as humorous?

Let me know if you’d like to discuss this a bit more?