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Need a CAD/MDT? Or something built in bubble?

Hello, I am a private developer with over a year of experience! I am looking for some work to do. I am very cheap and I like to build everything with passion and enjoyment! I build anything from Mobile cads - FiveM websites / CADS/MDT OR even just a MDT! I am also doing 50% off EVERYTHING you want made. I do not have any prices due to this is my first time putting something on bubble forums. You can DM me on discord Coleton#1006 ; Thanks for reading this.


I need a cad system built.

@bigbluemodz21! Add me on discord and we can talk! Coleton#1006

!d bump

!d bump

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How much for u too make me one

Hello! Thanks for contacting me. Can you add me on discord please. Coleton#1006