Need a 'checkbox' field type

Hi. I’m a newby who just moved from Wordpress.

I want a ‘checkbox’ field type for my data type.
For instance, I have a datatype called ‘counselors’.
I’d like to be able to select ‘counselor type’ field for each of them and show it on the front-end.
So, counselor A is a listener and counselor B is a listener AND a queer-friendly.
However, there’s no checkbox field type for it only the ‘yes/no’ field type.
What could I do in this situation?

For a better explanation, I’ll compare it to WP.
So WP has a field type called ‘checkbox’ like this.

And I can select multiple features when I create actual data.
Screen Shot 2021-07-11 at 12.41.10 PM

You can accomplish this by:

  1. Creating an Option Set named “Counselor Type”
  2. In the option set define all of your counselor types (ex. Counselor A, Counselor B, etc)
  3. In your Counselor custom data type create a new field called Counselor Type and set this to a list
  4. In the design tab, create a checkbox with data type Counselor and the source is the new Counselor Type > All Options
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Thank you so much for replying
The field type of the field ‘Counselor Type’ is ‘Counselor Type’ from the Option Set right?

What if I want to select what type of counselor it is on the back end and only want to show the result on the front end? (Thant’s what I’m actually trying to do)

So for instance, I’d like to define that Counselor A is a listener AND a queer-friendly AND a problem solver type on the back end.
On the front end, users can see what type the Counselor A is.
Would there be a way to do that?
Thank you.

Yes you would create an Option Set named Counselor Type

Then in the Data types, tab you would add this to your Custom custom data type

In your CMS you would be able to use the “checkbox” element to change this custom data type in the DB and only display to the user what you want to display.

Does that make sense? If not, can you please explain an exact scenario of what you will mark a Counselor as, and what the user sees.