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Need a little help with Api Connector

I am trying to figure out how to pass a variable as a key value in the api connector.

I’m working with backendless and have been able to save a retrieve data and all that is working fine.

Here’s the workflow I need to figure out…
When a new user is registered successfully, I need to populate some data in a couple of tables.
I want to use a variable called “ownerId” in these two other tables that I am populating with some data so that I can make simple data calls later based on the ownerId of the logged in user.

so in the api connector my post action needs to assign the value of ownerId to ownerId of the other table.

I tried a number of variations but it always saves the text “ownerId” and not the variable It represents to the database.

I have played around with entering the variable in the area that says Body (JSON object, use <> for dynamic values) with no luck either.

I’m sure this is a simple thing that I just don’t understand as a beginner. Any help would be most appreciated, or point me at a resource that could explain would be great as well.