Need a Messaging Board

I want to share my app that is still in development with a programmer to help me clean up a few things. How can I do this? Do I just have to give them my log in or do I need to create a special log in for them to be added as a team account.

I am half way through my app and I have a self appointed deadline of July 31st. I am contemplating cutting out a few things but some things are essential and are must haves.
I have uploaded a messaging component that I took from “Pastel Messaging” Template, but I have no clue if this will be able to send group messaging or if this is a single user to single user message. My goal is to have this as a group messaging component but if this template is not capable of this I will just leave it for version 2. The peer to peer messaging will have to do. I also want to add a delete messages component so that people can delete messages if they wanted to. I do not think that the “Pastel Messaging” template came with a “Delete messages” Component.

The other part that I feel that is essential is a contact list. I have no clue how to start this. However, I am willing to cut this out in order to meet my deadline. My work gets really busy in August so I want to be done by then. Right now, my main concern is getting this developer to help me out. The key here is cleaning up a few things and adding the Monetization “GOOGLE ADS” component.

Go to your Editor > Settings > Collaboration

You can add the programmer’s email id and set up the permissions.

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