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Need a PWA or native app ? Just read this post!

Dear all,

I was a bit struggled trying to get a working PWA from my bubble app. And I disvover the Moxly LTD on Appsumo, bought it, gave a try, and… Wow, insane, I got a fully functional pwa within a couple of minutes.

This Moxly product is brilliant, and the LTD comes with an UNLIMITED number of app. Awesome !

I’m not affilitated, I won’t get anything from Moxly. This post is just a tips I want to share because this product is brilliant, and cheap for an unlimited number of native or pwa apps fully functional ! There’s a storage capacity limit, but if I’m correct, if this limit is reached, we can refill playing something. It’s worth thé price of the initial deal !

Deal here : Moxly | AppSumo

Enjoy !

They’re insane at Appsumo, the best companion for Bubble makers.

And this deal added today is also insane :

For 49$ you have, for life, an unlimited analytics solution, efficient, GDPR compliant a’d with an API that can easily be added using the API connector., and you can set custom event to fit your own analytics needs. Love it !

Loco loco ! :sweat_smile:

You sure about that? :wink:


Absolutely sure, @mikeloc, honestly and sincerly ! Create a free account and try their product, it worth a try !
The same for Ondis, at the time where cookies will finish in the trash :sweat_smile:

Seriously, no, not affiliated at all. Promised.

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