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Need a quote for a dating site

Hi folks,

I am building an MVP and would like interested folks to quote me on the work below.

I need a facebook/twitter like features with messaging between users plus a few enhancements with user Dashboard.

Note: I have two types of users. Paid/non paid.

  1. Basically users public profile page would have a 'Follow me or Add me" button. When someone clicks it, a request is sent to the next one. When the other user accepts it. Some extended features of users profile is available for preview. For chatting feature, I need to lock it down, that would only be for paid users.

  2. In the chatting feature. Need the UX to be like web Whatsapp. I need users to add/record video as attachments and it should show them in their stream.

  3. Under user profile photo. I need icons-buttons like ‘Send flower’, Ping, Like, send message or Follow me.

  4. Need a dashboard, something like this. This photo is for UX reference. I mean the stuff requested on this post would end up displaying like this on the dashboard.

I don’t have any deadline and we are two people basement startup. Looking for someone for long term work association. We can continue building features as we get rich lol. :grin: Down the road, we intend to build related marketplace. You can quote us separately for that.

The above photos are for reference. Please message me. Many thanks in advance for your time and your reasonable quote.