Need a specialist to help with designing our app

We are looking to rebuild our app using bubble, unfortunately we lost our developers, I have all the source code and the data relationships etc.
Basically I need an event system as well as a course directory to start with.

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I can certainly help you for the rebuilding the app, It will be very helpful for me if you can share the complete details on my email : [email protected] or you can add me on Skype : cis.am1 for the ease of communication.
Waiting for your reply.

Hi @lallen

Pm’d you, please check :slight_smile:


Hi all.
we have about 10 tables in the database

  • event
  • course
  • speakers
  • attendees
  • sponsors
  • content
  • marketing content (join object)
  • testimonials

Its actually a pretty cool CMS for events I built over years of hard work in salesforce and then migrated the front end to Django (with Mezzanine CMS).
The events inherit course information, and both have associated content from content object (using a join object called marketing content)

I am looking for a Bubble Genius to view the application in action, build a specification and plan for build in Bubble and get on with building quickly…we are stuck between a rock and a hard place and we need to get moving quick and hopefully not too expensive

You can contact me on [email protected], I use HANGOUTS so feel free to message me directly on there using my email address (I cant stand Skype drives me crazy)

I can help you to rebuilding your app, Please explain briefly about you app (event system).
if you want any kind of assistance please email : [email protected]