Need a Way to Reference the Current API Workflow's ID

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It would be great if you could reference an API workflow’s ID within the workflow itself. This would help to terminate duplicates/strays if we could add a condition to terminate the workflow when needed.

For my app, at some point we didn’t do something properly, and duplicate API workflows were created for our daily SMS reminders users set up in our app. Now some users have 2-3 API workflows (and are getting sent 2-3 SMS/day), and we have no ability to find and cancel these workflows outside of going to the scheduler and spot checking manually. So these just keep running and costing us money, as SMS is paid per message/segment.

We could solve this if we could reference the “current workflow ID” within the workflow itself. For our use case, it would check the current workflow ID against the stored user’s reminder ID (text field). If they don’t match, terminate the workflow (and save us the cost of sending the SMS, not to mention the poor UX of duplicate SMS messages).


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