Need a WEBSITE and APP

I am looking for someone to build a EDI and API, 3PL, 4PL, TMS, and LOAD BOARD, and a APP for people to download when on the road. A all in one system from the ground up that works together I want to start my own company and need the whole system and to be able to integrate with ELD’S machines or software I need help with getting started please contact

I’m very familiar with trucking software. Is this for use within your trucking company or going to be offered as a SaaS company?

If this is for internal use, what ELD provider are you using or going with? I’ve used Motive in the past.

Hello @affiliatedcash
I would Like to assist you.
Please Shoot me a message on Skype.


Skype me: nicole_15269

[email protected]

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