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Need a working CAD/MDT system

Is it the same person making loads of accounts asking for the same thing or is this just the next big thing a CAD/MDT system?

It’s for gta 5 FiveM RP so basically the next big thing.

Thank you bward, has anyone got any documentation on how this all works? I.e What calls are needing to go to the Fivem server etc as it would make it difficult for someone to quote without knowing anything about how the integration will even work.

No calls. Someone just needs to develop it on Bubble.

Oh so it doesn’t interface with the actual FiveM server, its a standalone app that doesn’t have anything to do with FiveM. As in you would just write information in manually to the system.

No bubble is web based for steam overlay. Will not affect anything.

Can I have a cad for free my discord is TrooperYBN#7531

We are having a giveaway on our Discord for our CAD/MDT. If you want join the giveaway you need to join are discord.

If you dont when the giveaway I can work something out with you so you can get a free cad/mdt


hey i seen you said you might be able to work something out for a free CAD/MDT, would there be a chance i could get one for my community

I can if you join are discord

whats your discord

If you’re interested, me and my team create CAD/MDTs ranging from $5 up. Check out this post for more info :point_down:

Please note we are GMT-based, so may take longer to reply to any questions.

Hi have a cad you can use for your Rp (I found this while looking for a Cad/MDT)
it’s called SauceCad (

Take a look…

do you have an estimated time on when it will be published

Feel free to join our Discord and I’ll forward you Beta Testing documentation.

ok i will join your discord or you can DM me, @ThehelpfulCIV2#7348

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can you put a link of it so i can check it out

If you are interested in something different check us out.

Discord link-