Need advice and / or mentoring to start the freelance world in bubble

Greetings community:
There is an issue that has been going around in my head since I started the “No-code” path in Bubble… about freelancing.
Bubble applications have a cost to have their own domain of the application and allow advanced functions so that your application is professional and worthy of a product. Who bears these costs? The freelancer? The client?
I also have doubts about the payment of an application. I imagine that the application itself has a base cost (the time invested in creating the product) and the monthly costs to host the application accordingly. So the client would have to pay you to build the product he needs and pay the freelancer monthly so that his application is being hosted and maintained?

I hope they help me to have more clarity and those who have experience as a freelancer I would like to advise me

Hey @nocoder.98,

I would imagine a number of different scenarios:

  1. Your client creates the app and they give you their login info to develop the app
  2. You create the app and develop it through then transfer ownership
  3. You own an agency plan and they can add you as a collaborator no matter what

But with way, I would imagine the client themselves pay for the monthly costs. The freelancer is merely the person who just develops the app?

If other people would like to chime in feel free!


In my only experience the client owned the app and gave me access to edit it.