Need Advice: Generating a pick list email

I have a pattern to work out and wondering if anyone has advice on what’s worked and also, any examples.

In this scenario,

  1. The user selects a box next to an item

  2. When done selecting items, an email with a table of the selected items is to be generated

  3. The generated email is presented to the user via a preview.

  4. If the user approves, they click a button to email.

I plan to use a workflow on element change to push the selected items to a list stored in a state.

I’m thinking I’ll create a preview page that uses the list to filter a search of the product table.


  • If I’m using a state to store the list, can I even pass that to another page?

  • Does using the state work if I use a pop-up where I’m still technically on the same page?

Once approved, I’ll either use BBCode to create the email or print page as PDF via plugin and email the PDF or possibly use an email vendor with a template. PDF seems easier but not clear on how to add attachment. Email vendor may be cleaner over all.


  • Is there an easier way or different approach that might work better?

  • If this approach works, how do I use the list to filter my search for the repeating group?

  • I know from I can create a table but HTML seems like a better choice for the email. There are also several email vendors with templates that offer Bubble integration. Time is my constraint on this project so what is the easiest most likely to work the first time method you’d recommend? Paying for a service is not a problem.

  • Not really. Why don’t you just save to a data type and then that info is easily pulled on your other page

  • Yes

  • Different approach for what? The printing of the PDF?

  • Little hard to explain. Best if you post a screenshot with your repeating group and constraints window best attempt and then can make tweaks from there

  • Can’t help you here.

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