Need advice with: using state with advanced constraint in data source

Hi guys.

The first disclaimer, just so you understand better. I am not building anything specific (any app). I have a task that I have to figure out. And it is mandatory to use the elements I am using and use advanced constraint. And I will be thankful for any advice.

I have recorded Loom where I do explain my issue: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

Summarization of video:
I have a database called products.
I then have to filter this database in a Multiselect element and a Reusable element .
So that already selected items are not available for selection anymore.

I was able to figure out that I am supposed to store the value I have selected in the state. And filter that value through this path:

data source → search for X filtered → new constraint: advanced?

Then just set the workflow:

when X value is changed ->set state

Am I right.

And here is my Bubble to view: Forum-version | Bubble Editor


I am going to attach diagram. I am not sure about things in brackets

I really think doing it with reusable elements makes it impossible without plugins or javascript. If there weren’t reusable elements involved, state could handle it. Unfortunately I don’t have more time to look. I do recall that initially there was a project requirement that ended up needing clarification. Maybe it’s worth clarifying the reusable elements.

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You can use URL parameters, or can use states on the reusable element itself (not any of it’s child elements)…if you want to use states on the child elements of the reusable then you need to setup custom workflows in the reusable to set those states and from the page trigger a custom event from a reusable workflow action.

Is this a task for a job interview?

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Update: I have desired outcome with filter. But now I have another problem expectedly… Can you guys please take a look and give me an advice please.

After opening dropdown and selecting value. It does not stay visible in element like its supposed to. It shows only static text.

This is now. There is a filter i will show below and 3 values are selected. But they should be visible instead of static text '‘Choose some options…’'

This is version without filter. And 3 selected values are visible ( xRosetto, xRefosco, xFrizzante) This is what am I missing

In Workflow I have this: (i was trying even ‘‘intersect’’ but that was not working)
Snímek obrazovky 2022-04-12 v 10.03.46

This is Multidropdown:

Every other element has data source set to database ‘‘products’’ without any further specification.

I can’t find and advice about it at all.