Need an Ai Assistant

Im building a bubble app. Im wondering if there is a way to build an ai assistant into the app so users can search within the app easier and more intuitively. My app is packed with a lot of interviews and articles that were written by me and not found publicly on the net. Is there a way to add an ai assistant into my bubble app?

For clarity, my bubble app has no artificial intelligence built into it at this time. Any help is appreciated.


One way would be to use OpenAI API or some plugin, but that alone will not be enough for the search portion.

There are other services out there that incorporate AI into chatbots that allow you to create and train a chatbot on your own data.

What I’ve done for an app of mine is connected via API to OpenAI and then set up the Bubble app for chat and put together a way to trigger searches of the database based on user responses…complicated setup but it is possible to get an AI chatbot do perform searches for your user and even complete orders etc.

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