Need an app built from scratch

Hi all,
Not sure what it is going to cost me but looking for an app to help publicans with stock control and minimise beer wastage.
Have some thoughts on how it works but have no idea how to to build the app that goes with it, nor what it will cost me.
If someone wants to help please get in touch and we can have a chat.


Hi how’s it’s going? I would love to have a chat about your app idea and see how best we can get it built. As proof of expertise, here is a link to my personal work examples on bubble.

I’ll be looking forward to a response from you soon.

Hi I can help you build whatsoever app you need here is my digit +15625518545

If you’re looking for help evaluating how to choose the right Bubble freelancer or agency for your build, this might help. We’re an agency that allows you to work with our developers on a freelance basis if you’re interested in exploring you can check us out here.

Hey @leads :wave:

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If you would like to chat, you can schedule a discovery call and we can discuss your requirements to see if we might be a good fit for you. :blush: NoCodeMinute

Hope to be in touch soon. :raised_hands:

Hi, @leads
I would be glad to help you develop your app in

I have been developing in Bubble for 4 years, and have done 40 apps, ranging from Travel and CMS apps and Crypto platforms and Marketplaces. I also do UX/UI design in Figma.

Please check my cases on the website:

I worked in an agency, but now I do apps on my own and am open for a project.
Would love to help.


Hello bro. my email: [email protected]

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