Need another plugin built - no cis agency

send me private message if available.

Jw what CIS agency means? Curiosity? this agency. They spammed me last time.

I wish you luck, hopefully things go better for you.

My experience with cis is that they offer you a quote of 50 hours for something that should take less than 20 hours.

Thanks for sharing that with the community. There should be a thread for “buyer beware” I’m seeing these “not this guy, not this agency” pop up all over the place. Sorry for going on a tangent on your thread.

its fine, i just completed a treehouse course on api, going to try experiment some more, would prefer not having to hire someone everytime ,

Guys, let’s not start anything, this forum is already getting messed up :man_facepalming:

I am just waiting for his main accounts to be banned. I am guessing it will happen at some point.

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I am assuming this forum is to be considered a service provided by Bubble so this policy applies here too.

So why don’t you leave and let us weirdos be in peace?

lol jon i really dont care about this community,

That much is clear.

Im guessing youre about late 30s

*I am or I’m. Sherlock would be proud of your deduction skills. You can clearly see that from my profile picture kiddo.

Yes. By him and his VPN clones.