Need assistance referencing a Value from a Table Based on Another Value on that Table

I have a List of Tank Heights which correspond to specific Volumes, I would like to display the Volume of the Tank by inputting the Height.

So on the page, There will be an input button to take the Height in Number Form, then a Text Display Field to show the corresponding Volume.

I’ve tried Constraints etc, but with no luck.
Would really appreciate the help

Step 1: Check your data permissions. They are created by default now and can cause data to not display. You can try deleting them and the adding them back correctly once you have everything working.

Setp2: Your textbox has to have a dynamic value that searches your list. Use “height_inches = input’s value” to get the data you want and display the corresponding volume_gallons.


I’m really sorry, but this is how far I’ve gotten;
Is this what you meant in the first part of Step 2:

And for Step 1 I added the Auto-binding for the Table

You need your text input set up like this:

If tank_1_strapping_table doesn’t contain any sensitive user data and only contains public information, I would just delete the privacy rule to eliminate any issues.

I also highly recommend that you watch most or all of the videos on Bubble’s Academy in order to lessen the learning curve.


Hey, I just wanted to express my gratitude for the assistance rendered. It was a great help. I’ve followed your advice and gone through the basic skills tutorials and I am now very comfortable with he basic aspects of Bubble.

Again thank you very much. For your patience, clarity and expertise.