Need basic help with api connector

Ok, I am a newbie, but I am having trouble getting a basic understanding of using api connector… I have watched the video but still not clear… I have a news page where I want to put news articles… I want to use the api connector instead of a plugin, because I want a little more flexibility than what the plugin offers… I have set up the connector like this:

I also have a repeating group along with an input text and a button to search the news and display the results.

The repeating group config looks like:


and the search button workflow looks like this:


I would like the repeating group to have a default search to initially populate, but then when the user uses the input and search button, I would like it to conduct the search and populate accordingly… Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?

If I run it now, the repeating group is initially empty. and when I conduct the search, it appears to pull but is still empty… ?

Also I notice that the data is only storing 1 record?

I know this seems basic to many of you, but I am very confused… I need to understand how to do this, since most of my future development on the app will entail using outside apis with the connector and using the data… Any help will be GREATLY appreciated!

One record is created by the workflow step “Create a thing”.
What you are storing into Description is a list of descriptions, Bubble joins them with a comma to make them fit into a single text field.

Creating multiple records from a list is more complicated … there’s a lot of posts in this forum on that topic.

Possibly you don’t need to store the news at all unless you want to process them on the server in some way.

Try adding a step to the workflow with something like “Display List on Repeating Group” and give it the step 1’s articles (list).

For an initial search, could have a search done on page load with similar steps, or a conditional data source on the repeating group.

You’ve put a lot of detail in this question, well done!

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