Need bubble developer for freelance project

We are a start-up for finding housing in the UK.

We need to assemble a housing search parameters form.
There are all fairly simple fields (price / number of rooms), except for the location. In the location, you need to enable both text input and draw on the map.

Thinking about using GoogleAPI for this. As a result, you need to save the query results to the database, including for location in some kind of universally interpreted form (via latitude / longitude or something else).

Approximately the project will take up to 20h of the development.

Please reach me in WhatsApp, if you are interested:
‪+7 919 767‑00‑02‬

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I don’t have whatsapp, can you share your email address?

+7 is in Russia?

Russia / Kazakhstan / South Ossetia / Crimea / Abkhazia
I mean why this is relevant here?

Hi @meyendorf94

I can help you with this, I’ve just sent you a message in PM and WhatsApp.

Let keep talking there :slight_smile: