Need Bubble developer with Airdev Canvas experience to build Dashboard product

Hi everyone!

My name is Toby Egbuna and I’m one of the Co-founders of Chezie. We’re looking for a Bubble developer to help us build out a re-design of our current product.

We have a very strong MVP that 10 enterprise customers are already using, and we have Figma designs for this re-design build. We’re a small team, and while we could build it ourselves, we think it’d be better to find someone who can support us with the build. This person should be experienced with Bubble and also familiar with Airdev’s Canvas tool. This is purely a front-end build, no backend or workflow actions are necessary.

You can learn more about our Chezie here.


Hey @Toby1 I’d be happy to help out with the front end build. Shoot me an email at [email protected]

hi my Name is Chibuzor Okafor I have experience working with Airdev Canvas i have built many app with Airdev canvas and Ione of their certify developer below is few of project done with Canvas