Need CAD Built for me as soon as possible

DM me if you are up to the Challenge on Discord: Trooper Raven | 1A-01#5494
I have needs for a CAD to be Built here are the requirements:
-Mobile and Desktop Friendly
-15 Departments
-Working Court System
-Working Audible Panic Button, 10-3 and Signal 100 Sound
-Staff Panel
-Owner Panel
-Editable Penal Codes and 10 Codes
-Editable Patrol Map Custom Made for my liking
-Working Global Chat
-Working DMV, Dealership, 24/7, Ammu-nation, Bank System, Dynasty Housing, Los Santos Customs
-Working Account Recovery
-Working Tow Cad
-Working Downtown Cab Co. Panel
-Working Police FTO Panel, Fire FTO Panel, Dispatch FTO Panel
-Toggleable dead alive button for characters to make rp more realistic
-AND MUCH MORE if you are a pro at using bubble and willing to add to the CAD i currently have for free or a non-expensive fee that would greatly be appreciated, and only willing to go up to $35 USD MAX, preferably free but ok if not

these are the features:
Login Screen MUST WORK not have any trademarks or anything just my logos my details ONLY
Hoem screen no biggy but must have a global chat and a bug notifier like to report bugs and a feedback center
Departments are:
Paleto Bay Police Department
Los Santos Police Department
Blaine County Sheriffs Office
San Andreas Highway Patrol
San Andreas Fire/EMS Department
San Andreas Medical Examiner
Caseys Highway Clearance
Los Santos Port Authority
Weazel News
Downtown Cab Co.
Department of Wildlife and Parks
Civilian Operations
San Andreas Communications Department

MUST have a panic button with audible sound
MUST have a Signal 100 button with audible sound
MUST have a 10-3 Button with audible sound
ALL 3 must work

Civilian side of CAD must Include Ammunation, CAB request, Tow Request, Trucker Job Panel and Job Create for Trucker, DMV, Dealership, Twotter, Global Chat Button, 24/7, Ammunation, Warrants Access with ability to create warrant for yourself, Fishing License, Hunting License, Civ Select/Edit, Civ Create, Dynasty Homes, Call 911 Button (Must show info submitted into Civ CAD on Dispatch CAD

All Leo Depts must have a working panic button and a public safety chat to communicate between each other and Dispatch, Fire/EMS and M.E.

Staff Panel just as any staff Panel

Owner Panel Must have access to edit Virtually EVERYTHING

*Note: payment will not be transfered until i have personally inspected that everything i want is in the cad and that it works 100%

**Additional Note: There should not be ONE thing that is disabled, unable to workor anything similar shape or form

***Last Note: the web address must show up as
usdoi- supercad- mdt . bubbleapps. io and should not have anything else in the Web Address