Need consulting for database design

Can anyone help me create a proper data model for a family financial forecast. Here’s what I have in mind: my wife and I have different accounts and we know what regular expenses and income we have for the next few months. On top of that, we have unscheduled expenses. We monitor all of that on a monthly basis. And we only look at categories, that’s enough for us. For this purpose I have created the following tables:

  • Account
  • Category
  • Booking

In Booking I create each planned booking with the assignment

  • date
  • Total amount
  • account
  • Category

So far so good. But now I am missing a good idea, how to calculate the balance of my account for each month. In the end I want to get the following display:

And it should also be possible to change the planned expenses, so that then also the balance of the account adjusts.

Can someone help me with this. I thought I needed to create a table where I have an entry for each month and account for the total planned bookings per category. But I can’t get it to work. Maybe there is a much better approach.

I will gladly pay for a consulting hour.

Hi @joern.bock

What information are you going to have in the account and the category data-types? That will better help you and I both with creating a suitable Database

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