Need Developer for MVP

I’m searching for a developer who can build the intitial version of my startup.

It’s a curated marketplace that needs a search feature and an upload feature.

Looking to get this done within a week!


Hey @nickfitzpatrick843, while bubble is a powerful tool and can get a lot done in a short amount of time, I’d keep an open mind when it comes to how long it would take to build it, a week is possible and very doable, but still, keep an open mind.

With that said, I’d be happy to help you out, could you share more about your project, what niche you’re targeting and what other features you believe need work on?

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I would agree with @ojonimi177 on keeping an open mind on time. The problem is not really building an app fast. One has to consider the time it takes to (often) set up external services (Google, SendGrid…), communicate to get a shared view of the end result and test the app. Building an app is an exploratory journey where insights comes from dialogue and testing out ideas, and also having some time to digest things. And last but not least, the real challenge is not normally building the app but creating a viable business, which often takes more than a week and often affects how the app should work.

Best, Peter


I’ve just built a marketplace.

Check it out :point_right:t3:

Let’s work together @nickfitzpatrick843. I’ve built a good number of apps on Bubble over the course of the last two years covering those features you mentioned. Send a DM to get started.