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NEED Developer to make our web app into a PWA or Hybrid

Hi people,

We need a good developer who has some experience with turning existing web apps into Progressive Web Apps or Hybrid.

Do you have experience using BDK Native? or ?

We have an existing Bubble web app, which needs to have the gps/geolocation functionality improved with an additional layer of ‘native’ integration.

Probably a couple of days work for someone with experience of this.

Please contact me if you are interested.



Hi Rich,

PM sent, Please check.


Hi @y.not

Have you looked at Jasonelle? Once you understand, you love it. It’s not only free, but you can integrate anything like gps position. Second part, you no longer have to submit to Apple or Google Play Store after the first time for future updates. I beleive you can do it yourself :wink:


Thank you very much for letting me know about that!
I will take a look.



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I would be glad to help you on this project as we have developed more than 2500+ Apps with our previous customer.

I would really appreciate if you can share more details via email: [email protected] is my email or let’s connect over Skype: priyankaabnave.cdn

Best regards,

I am interested.Kindly contact me on skype or email.
Skype is: live:bellastone_5
Email Id: [email protected]


You can build and test first without purchasing the bdk native service :slight_smile: