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Need dynamic sidebar menu options instead of navigating between pages

FYI: In this video, there is an explanation of how to implement it.

Hi, I am trying to implement a sidebar menu and the only way I found to switch between menu options is to go to new page every time.

I would love to know whether it is possible to make dynamic switching between menu options as shown in the video

As you can see in the video when I want to go to other menu option, then after clicking app does not reload. Content is reloading but not the page. I hope you’ve understood me.

Hey there! :wave:

Yes, that is done using set states. You create all the groups on one page and then only one group shows up at a time. It’s faster than going to another page. It’s instant. :blush:


Hope that helps! :blush:

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But what if you have many groups/pages, and all of them fit at one page, is that too much to load, even though when it loads, it will work as fast?

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@conesult :wave:

There are a bunch of ways to do this.

So the best way I have seen is to put your ‘pages’ into a reusable element and then you can drop a bunch of reusable elements on one page. That will make it easier to manage.

Then control things with page URLs. Display a different reusable element based on the URL. You can even send data to the reusable elements based on url data as well.

I also use option sets when sending url parameters for the page names instead of typing page names.

There might be other ways, but personally, this way is the cleanest I have found. And still super fast.

Set states are ok to use, but if the user refreshes the page, they lose what page they were on. :blush:

Hope that helps! :blush:


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Great @J805! Thanks!

What would be a difference between writing words and Option sets in the URL parameter?

Beside the development mistake of letters, is there any performance efficiency?

Hey @conesult :wave:

I don’t think there is a performance improvement or anything like that. It just makes it a lot cleaner and less prone to mistakes that way. If you use text but misspell something then it won’t work. Does that make sense? :blush:

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Great! That makes a sense!

On the other hand, how you can “restart” the parameters keys, as (parameter) not used anymore on the page, and you want to have a clear url, without question marks (?) and “keys”?

You would just do a go to page again but just put the parameters that you want.

If you go want to first go to task > task_details then to go back you would just do a go to task. Does that make sense? :blush:

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That makes sense again, as I am already there, now trying to “erase” the parameter’ Key, e.g. ?tab=task

“Task” is easy to erase so to speak, but “?tab=” - is not?


Hmm :thinking:. Can you show a screenshot of the workflow action so I can see what’s going on? That might help.

Are you using ‘add more parameters’ only? Or are you also trying to have the page have a type as well? I normally just use ‘add more parameters’ only. Those are easy to reset.

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Yes, with one button we go to (same page) and add parameters, (KEY: stage), and then with other, that is shown on the photo below, we empty the “stage” parameters.

The question is how to remove the Key from url as well?

There is one solution of using the Toolbox plug in, and little bit of code, haven’t tried it yet, would love to explore for other solution, more straightforward.

Hey @conesult :wave:

First thing I would do is uncheck send current page parameters though. Otherwise it will keep the keys that are there already and not replace them.

Then if you want the parameter to not show up, don’t add it either. If you want Stage to not be there, just delete the parameter too.

Does that make sense? :blush:

Please take time to read and reply…

In previous message, have shared screenshot where Key “stage” = (empty), that is the way how to restart and/or delete the parameters from the url, and in general?

Therefore Key “stage” is empty there, and the question here is the, how to remove the Key, “stage” in this case too?

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Hello :wave:

Have you tried unchecking the checkbox “Send current page parameters” as shown in the previous post?

Let me know what happens. :blush:

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Thanks! It works! :smiley:

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Glad it worked. :blush:

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