Need Extremely Advanced RP System

Need a very unique RP hosting system that (quite frankly) doesn’t sound like anything I’ve seen before. Note: any of the spreadsheets can be provided if you are interested.

Premise is that we need a system that can host a sort of international community where users represent nation-states and the UI of the system is such that the user looks in from a head-of-state and/or diplomat’s point of view. The budget for this project is in the order of several hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Therefore, there is a high quality expectation & all assets are to be transferred upon delivery.

For most of these features, we currently log them on spreadsheets. For many of these (barring, perhaps, those categorized under “International Relations”, you can simply import information from this Google Sheet.

Broad, overarching requests we need include (these can be menus):

  • International Relations
  • Economics
  • Domestic Policy
  • Wiki
  • Miscellaneous

We will also require a live IRC chat and DM system.

Within International Relations, we need the following:

  • Two fully-functional parliamentary chambers (consider: UN General Assembly, UN Security Council) - these will require the ability to submit legislation (and put them in queue), view legislation currently at vote, vote on legislation, and view passed legislation.
  • One fully-functional judicial chamber (consider: International Court of Justice) - these will require the ability to submit court cases, to process judicial materials (these can be less complicated, simply the ability to attach paperwork under a single file), and log the specific stage at which a particular case is in.
  • Some assorted features on a page viewable to all but only editable by certain people tagged with certain roles (consult later).
  • An ability to open consulates and embassies in cities (refer to Miscellaneous) - but mostly symbolic, but otherwise cost money that must be taken out from an account that the user selects.

Under Economics, we need:

  • A fully functional commodities (spot) exchange, preferably communicable with our existing systems or at least importing our existing data.
  • A fully functional stock exchange, with the same requirements as above.
  • A search feature for each of the commodity and stock exchanges.
  • A function for an inflationless currency - formula we currently already have and run.
  • (Not currently in spreadsheets) A function connecting to Domestic Policy, where each user can use funds in accounts that they may create and name to purchase stocks or commodities, the prices of which adjust accordingly.
  • (Not currently in spreadsheets) A function where a user can transfer funds in any one of their accounts to someone else, who may either choose to receive or decline, and if they choose to receive, to which account to deposit the funds.
  • (Not currently in spreadsheets) A feature where the user selects a “General Account” where funds are to be deposited at fixed intervals (every 3mo/6mo/12mo?) - scaling based off of factors in Domestic Policy and GDP (ideally this is something the admin can control; e.g. ).

Within Domestic Policy (none of which are currently on spreadsheets) we need:

  • A page to quickly create multiple government ministries from a list, each of which is to have its own profile page (optional fields associated include “Minister in charge”, “employees”, and some other vital info derived from budgeting in Domestic Policy #2).
  • An ability to create a simple national budget (total funds available = 25% of GDP, which can be divided into a pie chart where each of the elements in the chart are any one of the government ministries + some user-creatable terms like “emergency fund” etc.)
  • An ability to upload and declare national policies (e.g. an optional stance book where the user can declare, for instance, if their country practices the death penalty).
  • An entire sub-menu dedicated to Internal Politics where the user can create information regarding legislatures (that serve little purpose other than being symbolic), upload files such as civil and criminal codes, and hold mock votes for legislation.
  • An entire sub-menu dedicated to the military, with the ability to set enlistment figures, upload designs of equipment (in a spreadsheet, ideally including vitals such as a photo, a name, crew, etc), create military bases, mass create military unit names (e.g., if the user needs to create 3 [infantry] [division]s, the system would name them “1st Infantry Division, 2nd Infantry Division, and so forth” - this does require a bit of info about how our categorization system works and is optional.

Within the Wiki, we need:

  • A general sandbox is fine, but we have a Notion and it would be great if the two could be integrated somehow.

Within Miscellaneous, we need:

  • A feature processing aircraft flights, updated every 15 minutes.
  • A feature logging all cities, courts, and universities attached to each nation, within the RP world, and a search bar associated with each of the above.
  • A profile associated with each city, which can be accessed from the Search for Cities tool, which return information about said city and the number of embassies and consulates active there (see Int Rel. #4).
  • A cities management feature including area, population, government, timezone, latitude, longitude, year established, the mayor, and median income (note that in our current spreadsheet this is in USD, which will need to be changed to the standard currency upon conversion, but this is easy enough).
  • A feature logging and updating various epidemiological information about each user, including GDP, population, area, median income, population density, and other vitals.
  • A feature capable of recording the spacecraft in use in certain countries (editable by users).

There is a hard 6-month deadline upon initial agreement to delivery, although earlier deliveries are appreciated. Each day of late delivery is a compounded 1.5% penalty on the pricing. By agreeing to these terms, you also understand that should delivery be late, this penalty will be implemented as if the reduced price was the original.