Need feedback on a social network site in beta! 🚀

Hi all,

I have just built a social network for local news and events based on users geo-positon . Before I build too much I need feedback on my progress so far. My motto is build fast and break things! The usual about, GDPR policy is missing right now but is under development. I have also set up a facebook group and a Discord server for feedback and meaningful discussions, which you will find from profile -> event and then the left menu on desktop.

Welcome to start breaking things ( in a reasonable way. Don’t post events that your grandmother wouldn’t approve, don’t post selfies and try to post events that you think your nearest surroundings will enjoy. )!:rocket::rocket:

Nice, could you explain high score’ function?

Highscore is a aggregation of the users all posts views, likes, shares, minus eventual crowd moderated votes.

neat, gamification is always good

Yes, I will probably also add streak for continual posting each day.

Yeah, this is really nicely performant… How many posts and users approximately are there right now?

(And sub to that: What kind of plan is this running on at the moment?)

It’s on a personal plan. There is about 29 current post, but I only search back 30 days and right now it’s 17 registered users.