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Need feedback on an app

Looking for some feedback on an app that I’m working on.

Still trying to figure out the appointment booking piece. Not sure if I need to use Zapier or not.

Honest feedback welcomed.

I’ll just point out a few buggy things I noticed; my impression of the app in general is after the bullet list.

  • Red is commonly associated with “danger OMG don’t do this,” and a few of your call-to-action buttons is red. I might think about a different color there.
  • There’s a bug when I click “Sign up as a professional.” On the next group that appears, when I click the button intended to let me sign up as a client, the first group doesn’t hide.
  • The colors on the “sign up as a client” page make it hard to read the input labels.
  • When I click “Login” on the “signup as a client” page, the group loads underneath the signup group and I can’t actually log in.
  • Forgot password doesn’t seem to work
  • “How it Works” tab doesn’t seem to do anything. Neither do “Help,” “Privacy Policy,” or “Terms of Service.”
  • I couldn’t get a search to work
  • On the registration form, the input fields look a bit short to be touch friendly. I have massive sausage fingers, so it’s hard for me to tap them easily.

I can see the use for something like this for sure. I’m eager to hear how you get the appointment booking nailed, but I’m confident you’ll figure it out. The one piece of feedback I’d make about the general experience is that I think it could be more clear who I’m signing up as. Something like, “I’m a professional, sign me up” and, “I need an appointment, sign me up” stands out to me more than sign up as a client/stylist professional. When I first looked at this, I wasn’t sure what I actually fell under. Am I a client? Well, I’m using your app, so maybe? Don’t take my word for it, try it out with a few people and see if they get stuck (there’s a good chance I’m just a bit dense :slight_smile: )

Looks good! Keep plugging away!


@potentialthings has made some great points. One thing that I would like to add is in reference to your red toned Login/SignUp forms. It looks like your input fields might be using a transparent background color (hence the redish gray color of them) and it makes your placeholder text a little hard to read. Almost makes the placeholder text appear kind of teal on top of that background color.

One other thing, lose the shadow on your buttons or make it darker if you want to keep it. The transparent gray shadow looks more like an awkward glow on top of the darker background image.

Keep on plugging away, it’s a cool idea you have so far.

Really appreciate the call outs and feedback. I will get going on this today. Just occurred to me and I may be over thinking it but was a little confused on how to set up the “Forgot Password” functionality.

I think Bubble has some built in things for that. My partner set it up for us, @alex do you remember how you did the forgot password flow?

I literally just figured it out I was definitely over thinking it.

Any idea of an appointment booking function I can use within Bubble or via Zapier?

Glad you figured out the pw flow! There is a calendar plugin you can use; I might start there for appointment booking, depending on what exactly you’re trying to achieve.

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check out the date/time input and choose a check in/check out date.