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[Need feedback] Server list website

I am currently working on producing a website that lists popular Discord servers (which are like large groups). It will assist users in finding their next community to join and interact with. It is still very incomplete, but I am looking for some opinions.

For those who want some context as to what my site is supposed to be “like”:
Discover | Discord Bots | - One of the biggest sites for this purpose. Has also recently gotten a huge redesign - Another popular site that focuses on bump-based discovery

I am trying to make discovery on the site as organic as possible, unlike other servers listing sites that have a bunch of pre-defined “categories” for servers. I’m going to let users create and use their own tags. Popular tags will appear in a bar on the top of the search page, visitors can then filter the list using these tags. I will be working on other tools to help find more servers soon.

I’ve been playing around with Bubble for a year or two and have made a variety of random projects that all vary in quality. But this is the first website I’ve actually committed myself to. With that said, I am looking for some feedback mainly on the server listing page. So if you could have a quick look around the page and see if you can let me know if there are any problems you notice or things you think I could include on this page. - The entire server listing page - A single server page on the website - A bypass to the settings page, normally only accessible to logged-in users

These pages are the ones that I have spent the most time on, so any feedback would be greatly appreciated. The site is also intended to be as responsive as possible, so let me know of any weird behaviors you experience if on a mobile

Very sharp! I like nice sites built on Bubble :smiley: My 10 cents - vertical spacing is inconsistent in the following screenshot - specifically the chips are too close and the content blocks aren’t always the same distance away from each other. Love the click animations and the feel of the menu. WP.

That’s a really good point actually. I agree that looks a little bit odd. Thanks for that :+1:

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I had to look hard before finding something :wink: Nice work.

Really nice work :+1: :+1: :+1: Get it live!

I think it may still be a bit too early for that! There are still a bunch of things I need to finish off for the site to be ready for deployment.

Thought I would continue this thread by asking: What style you all prefer out of these two? This will be used for the user profile pages.

In my opinion, 1