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Need freelancer, help me tie up a few ends

I’ve built a private app for a niche group, I have several features already, and paying customers. But I promised to roll out other features this month. Which I’ve been working on, but are taking me, a novice, much longer than I have time for.

One - I am using PostMark (Though APIs), it works, but the UI and email structure on the app end is something I’m struggling with.
Two - I made a social media post scheduler, which works with Twitter, but I’m struggling with getting Facebook integrated to post on pages.

I’ve done most of the heavy lifting myself, and I’m sure someone with experience or who is more knowledgeable on these things could get me over the finish line without much effort. I don’t foresee this project taking a seasoned person more than a few hours, and I’m looking to get it done right away. Please email me at [email protected] with any questions or your price.


Hi Michelle. You can book a mentoring session with one of our vetted Bubble experts on You can also post a project and receive proposals from our vetted Bubble developers. Feel free to post your project or book a mentoring session.

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