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Need guidance on finalising on bubble


Request you to respond on the below, to help me make a few key decisions.

I am trying to learn the below, to bring out my start up ideas to life :

  1. MERN Stack (MongoDB - Express - React - Node) - for ‘Web Apps’
  2. React Native - for ‘Mobile Apps’
  3. Data Science (Python) - for a Data driven App based on ‘Data Science/Machine Learning’

Would be glad if you could guide through the below :

  1. Does bubble allow to do all the above - without compromising on the functional performance?

  2. Can we rely completely on bubble alone even through the ‘Scaling’ stage & beyond?
    Or, should we get our App ‘coded’ post MVP stage (with traditional stacks)?

  3. How economical is using bubble (along with blockspring, zapier etc…) with their subscriptions, compared to, hiring developers?
    Wouldn’t the final price boil down to the same amount in both the scenarios??

  4. Could you please explain the technologies/process bubble uses for its full stack (client/server/database)??
    Where can I read/watch more on it??

  5. How different is bubble compared to ??

  6. Are the ‘starter lessons’ provided on bubble, enough to ‘learn & launch’ my project, or, should I purchase any paid courses (available online) for the same??

Request you to guide me in this regard so that I can stop wasting my time on ‘learning to code’ & start learning bubble to speed up my ‘startup’ journey.

Appreciate your valuable time & advise!!

Happy Weekend!!

There are answers to most of these questions in the forum. I’m sure you can find them with a bit of searching so no need for me to re-answer them here.

Also, Bubble is essentially it’s own language so it’s not MERN or React Native or Python, but it doesn’t need to be. And, it supports APIs so you can pass data in and out of Bubble if you’re trying to do Data Science type work.

Starter videos are helpful. Paying $50 for another class probably makes sense if you’re building anything sophisticated.

Thanx Sri!! Thank u for the quick revert!!