Need Help about Category(Tag) System


I’m creating a microblog web site. I’d like to add categories to the entries. In order to do that I’ve used multi dropdown. I’d like to show those tags in buttons in each entry. And when people click the tags they can go to the tag page where people can find the entries catogarized with that tag. Furthermore I’d like to have a trending tag list.

I thought that I need a data type called Tags, and I need a field of list of tags to the entry data type. In Tags data type I can create Tag Name, number, entries containing field. That way I can create my trending list. However I couldn’t create a data Type of Tags since the mullti dropdown tool gives out lists. I also want name field in the tag type unique items(no duplicate tags), which is also an issue. I also couldn’T achieve to have a repating group of horizontal tag buttons.

It’s a mojor problem for me now, I’d be appriciated for any solutions. Moreover I can share my app, however I don’t know how to share.

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