Need help adding a script, running a function and then displaying the results

Hello there!

I’m looking for a freelancer that could help me implement the scenario explained below in the image. I have a running Bubble Project, which needs to be enhanced. An easy to implement explanation would do, so I can add it myself.
Let me know what you’d want for that.


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Which API is this?

It is from a small company providing ads that I would like to integrate. I hid the url just, because I don’t know whether it can be public or not. But itself should make a difference to the implementation.


Please check your PM, can definitely assist you for your requirement
& join me on Skype@ live:brianna_1049 for detail discussion



I’ve receiced 4 messages from the same company ( from different accounts. I think this is a small job, a freelancer would do - no need for a big company.

If you’re interested, I still am!


I had an offer from your company for 200 hours. After making a comment that it should not take more than 30 hours it got dropped to 100 hours.

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