Need help adding two booleans

I have an RSVP app where I am trying to add the users who said they were coming and their guests.

The RSVP attendance is based on a “yes/no” dropdown that determines if the user is attending or now.

In the database, the number of guests is also under the RSVP data type.

To add the two together I am trying to use the “Do a search for” function.

However, this is a boolean operation and trying to add two searches for an RSVP always gives the number 2. This is the logic for this: Search for RSVP:count + Search for RSVP:count

How exactly do I add the number of guests with the current user that said “yes” on the dropdown? So far with the boolean operations it is giving 2 as the default minimum value. Also I can’t seem to find the “sum” function?

Here are some screenshots to support what I am trying to do.

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