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Need help advertising my FiveM server Please

Hello i run a server and its name is San Andreas State Roleplay, i have been trying to advertise it for a while now and nothing has working so if someone can help out i will really really appreciate it.

here is what you can use.
Here at the San Andreas State Roleplay Community is a SERIOUS RP community we will be not a whitelisted server. You may be asking yourself why should you join this community over others. Here are some reasons 1: We are looking to get members and fill depts. so you can get a high ranking position. 2: We respect each other and we treat everyone the same and will help you even ooc(out of character) and after hours. 3:We will only put up with the best of the best roleplay no fail RP no rdm no vdm. 4: Here at the San Andreas State Roleplay Community we allow anyone to record/stream on our server. 5:Also for all of our police and fire vehicles use non ELS. These are just some of the reasons why you should be interested in the San Andreas State Roleplay Community.

Here is are discord:

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