Need help: app to search through excel spreadsheet for me!

Hi all -

I have a massive excel spreadsheet, fully pre-populated with specific information.
I’d love to have help creating an app which includes 2 ways to extract information from this spreadsheet.

The first way: A search box.
The second way: Drop-down menus.

The information is simple information, and the app doesn’t need to change info or add or anything besides display results of specific queries.

For example,

If I want to locate all purple pens (in a spreadsheet full of various color pens sold at different stores), I would want to search for purple, and have all the results as a list, OR, be able to select “purple” from a drop-down menu of “pen colors.”

Can anyone help?


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Hi @superca,

PM you on your request.
Please, check your inbox.


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