Need HELP ASAP! Cant figure this out!

How in the world do i change the dat type form a list to a single??

what are you trying to achieve?

I am creating a Team Chat within a Team space. So what I am trying to do is to link a specific team chat to a specific team space. Note that the Team Chat is sitting inside a group that is sitting inside a team Space Group

A search always returns a list… so you need to specify which item from that list you want to set as the data source for your group.

But isn’t that what I have done by choosing the type “team chat”, I am kinda new to bubble


By choosing ‘Team Chat’ as the content type you’re telling the group that it’s content is of type Team Chat (so it won’t accept any other type of content).

Next you need to define which Team Chat from your database the group will hold as it’s data.

There are many ways to do that of course, but doing a search is one of them.

A search always returns a list object (in this case a list of Team Chats) - depending on your search constraints and database that list may contain hundreds of Team Chats, or only 1 (or even none).

In any case, as group can only hold a single Item, so once you’re got the list returned from the search you have to specify which item from the list to set as the group’s data.

Assuming your constraints have narrowed it down to just a single thing in the returned list of Team Chats, you can just select the first item from the list to use as the datasource (the issue checker is already telling you this).

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That clears it up a lot, Thank you so much mate!

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