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Need help building Rover like app

Good Morning! I am currently looking to start an on-demand dog walking/sitting service. I want it to be app based like Rover or WAG. I am contemplating purchasing the PetSitter Marketplace template found here on Bubble. If anyone has experience with on-demand services, and can give me an idea how much effort it would be to edit this template with my company logo and color scheme I would very much appreciate it. Also looking to tweak a few things, which we can get into if we connect! Thanks in advance for any help offered!

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Hi Christopher, I have PM’d you :slight_smile:

Same here, I’ve just PM’d you.

Shouldn’t be too much to switch out logos and colors. Probably most of it could be done in your styles tab.

Do you have any specific questions yet?

Hey @greene.christopher92 :wave:

Welcome to the Bubble community! :tada::confetti_ball::champagne:

As a coach, I help a lot of clients work their way around templates. You can probably just book one session and get a lot of your questions answered pretty quickly. If I’m not available, one of the coaches on the Bubble Coaching page could help you out as well. Just wanted to throw in this idea as another option, if you want to learn how to do that yourself.

Hope that helps! :blush:


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Hello @greene.christopher92

SparkDev is an experienced developers team who can help you with your app.

I’ve sent you PM with details, please check and write back to me.

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