Need help choosing best way to approach problem

Hi there,

I need a function in my app and I dont know how best to approach it - build it in the workflows, use an API, or write Javascript, or some other option.

I have 2 data types:

-Events (several separate events occur over a given span of datetimes)
-Users (who have several fields attributed to them, such as “availability”)

The function would have to look at a list of events. It would look at the first event and assign a user to it, taking into account certain fields of the event type as well as of the user type (for example, it would have to take into account the start/end datetime of the event and the start/end datetime of the user’s availability). So it would go through the list of users and, based on the parameters, assign the first appropriate user to the event. Then it would move on to the second event, assign a user to it, and so on.

Does anyone know the best way to approach this problem?

Thank you!

Easy. Use API workflow with the ListPopper plugin. Last step of the workflow is schedule itself.

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Hey @shpak.serhiy, is it possible to explain a bit more how to do this? Thanks!

Basically, you can solve your task even without the plugin by only using API workflow that schedules itself.