Need help connecting oneignal with jesonette

Have made an application which has been wrapped in jessonette. And when the question of push notifications came up, found one signal. But while installing according to the instructions ran into a number of errors that we can’t solve (attached screenshots below)

@mvandrei , mb u know what’s a problem

hey, there might be a few issues, I’d start with cocoapods and update those to the latest version, as there was a nasty bug with them.

what is a cocoapods? How to update them?

I think you should address this issue to the jesonette’s creator. I don’t know how it was build, sorry!
If you want a turn-key solution, I’ve made this:

Are the following things possible in your solution?

  1. Set up an offline screen to display downloaded files from the app (cached)
  2. Make your own app download
  3. Connect apple pay specifically from apple


1.What kind of files are we talking about and how would the app look like? Will it have a static, hard-coded interface in the native wrapper and another part where the dynamic content is loaded from bubble? Or do you want to cache bubble’s content which I am not sure if it’s possible.
2. What is that, your own app download, can you elaborate, please?
3. Yes, that sounds like in-app purchase (when you purchase content from within the app, with Apple Pay, like Uber for example).