Need help creating a data structure where user can create there own db

Hi Team,
Actually, I’m trying to create an app where a user signs up and are redirected to a dashboard where they can create a document and within this document, they can create sections and within this section, they can create fields like “name, address, licence number and expiry dates”. Later on, I will be accessing this expiry dates field to keep track of data entered by users and then I will notify them if their licenses are getting expired.

Things I’m not able to do is -

  • I have created three databases - document, section and fields. In the section database, I have created a field(DOCUMENT) with the type “document” and in fields, I have created a field(SECTION) with the type “section” so that they can get linked together. But I don’t know how to track these fields(name, address, licence number).

If somebody can help then it is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.